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Vaccination Prices

Travel consults are billed at the Medicare rebate level. If you are Medicare eligible you can claim 100% back from Medicare (Does not apply to corporate billing).

Initial Travel Consult (Medicare Item 36) $72.80
Subsequent Consult (Medicare Item 23) $37.60

Yellow Fever  
Whooping Cough (Boostrix DTPa) $60.00 
Hepatitis A $70.00 
Hepatitis B $40.00 
Typhoid $70.00
Rabies (Intramuscular Course) $120.00
Rabies (Intradermal Course)  $60.00
Meningitis ACWY (Menactra) $90.00
Flu $20.00 
Recreational Dive Medical $90.00

Note: Prices per vaccine (some require a course). The full list is too long to show, uncommon vaccines such as Tick Borne Encephalitis, Q-Fever and Japanese Encephalitis are available. In place of previous student and volunteer discounts, we have now applied discounts to all vaccines.  For instance Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Dukoral cholera vaccines have all been reduced from $80 to $70.